Relax and let go


The heart asked for love, and the body asked to be honored.  

Tantra For Couples.

The benefits of Tantra for couples.

Tantra encourages couples to cultivate and expand soul-filled sexuality beyond the normal confines of our genitals. Couples are gently supported to expand their ability to move through limiting beliefs, blocks and fears, and create more fulfillment, depth and pleasure in all aspects of their relating. Some of the tools you will learn include: Preserve and Nourish a Loving Relationship for Total Fulfillment. Learn how to manifest and keep relationships alive and exciting. Cultivate the erotic art of touch. Tantric arousal breathing for relaxation and higher pleasure. Deepen passion & enhance lovemaking skills. Creating a relaxed place to explore and play.

Love Offering. 

2.5 hrs. $ 1200

3.5 hrs. $ 1500

Tantra For Woman.

 Benefits of Tantra for Women:

Increase sensuality. Deepen your connection to self and or partner. Expand your capacity to experience pleasure. Increase skills in intimacy and self-love. Embody your feminine essence. Balance inner masculine/feminine energy. Heal trauma associated with female sexuality or abuse. Create greater sexual vitality.

Love Offering.

1.5 hrs. $350

2 hrs. $450

2.5 hrs. $500


Tantra For Man.

Benefits of Tantra for men.

Learn skills for deeper relaxation. Increase sexual potency and vitality. Increase sensations. Learn techniques to prolong pleasure. Balance focus of sexual energy. Balance your inner masculine/feminine energy. Deepen intimacy and self-love.

Love Offering.

1.5 hrs. $450

2 hrs. $600

3 hrs. $900

Nuru Session.

A Nuru session allows the clients to experience pleasure and deeper relaxation through body connection, without the spiritual aspect of a Tantra session. In a Nuru session the practitioner uses her entire body to massage the clients body, creating a sense of well-being.
Love offering.

1 hr. $300

1.5 hrs. $450

2 hrs. $600

The difference between  tantra and Nuru.

A Tantra session is more along the lines of a spiritual practice through sensual exploration. In a Tantra session the practitioner, and the client are working together by creating and building sensual energy by heightening the sensation within the body. The receiver is receptive yet actively engaged.

There is no mutual touching in Nuru or Tantra sessions.

Tantalizing Touch

This is a very relaxing and pleasurable touch that is designed to heighten the senses in the body and help you become more aware of your whole body. This is great for those that may not be ready for a full Tantra experience, but would like to have an introductory experience, to see what tantra has to offer them. Also great for man and women that are in need of physical touch.

1 hr $250

1.5 $325

 That Art of Touch.

Learn how to connect through touch. If you feel like you don't know how to touch, or that your touch is a turn off rather than a turn on, this session can be helpful for you. If you just want to learn new ways of touching this can help. Great for couples as well. This session can be done in person or online. You can be fully clothes or partially clothe during this session.   1 hr $200. 1.5 $300. 2 hrs for couples $400.


Jasmine is not a Licensed Medical Practitioner. Any information received is not a medical diagnose. Jasmine is certified in holistic and alternative healing modality and has a gift to perceive energy. Jasmine is here to assist the body in healing, and not to diagnose illnesses. Please use your own awareness and discretion regarding what is right for you.
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