Follow your heart.

Tantra had chosen me long before I even knew what Tantra was. I found myself searching for more answers about intimacy and sex at a very young age. In my search I found lots of books but most of them just talk about Tantric sex and how to have more pleasure and last longer, and even with that information I felt that there was still something missing. It wasn't until my late 30s that I finally got the courage to schedule a real Tantra session and, a whole new world opened up to me, it was the most beautiful experience I had ever had with another human-being. I scheduled my session with a woman hoping that I would feel more comfortable and able to relax deeper (which I did), she was so kind and honored me, she extended so much love to me that I cried because I had never in my life experienced that much love and kindness from anyone, it went beyond what is know as a mothers unconditional love. The love I experienced from my practitioner was truly love without limits, I felt as if she was pouring love into me until every part of my body became alive again, I felt like a new person. After my session I had experience some shifts in my perception of myself, my self love and respect increased, I started wanting to share more love to others, my relationship with my partner improved, and I decided I wanted to learn more about Tantra. I chose Tantra as my spiritual path of unconditional love. Learning to except all of life and everyone just as they are. I am now a certified Tantra practitioner. Along with Tantra I have an extended background working with energy, and assisting others in the process of healing. It has been a great pleasure and joy for me, and I am honored to hel p anyone on their journey. 

Experience:Certified Tantra practitioner. Certified Reiki Master. Certified Bodywork practitioner. Certified Life Coach.



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